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Dr.Simer being a Head & Neck Surgeon  and Owner of OXIZONE FITNESS has been Awarded with IRON LADY AWARD for Excellence in Medical Profession & Fitness Industry .



Oxizone Fitness & Spa offers its members, complete health rather than just weight loss or muscle gain. Our mantra is to “help you treat weight not lose weight”. We are a gym with a medical foundation where we have special fitness programmes to prevent any lifestyle disease like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, thyroid problems, knee & back pain, and other orthopedic ailments.

Founded by a medical professional and a sports person, Dr. Simer Kaaur is a Head and Neck Surgeon and an international athlete. Her aim is to help her members not only look good and attractive but also live a healthy lifestyle. Along with Dr. Simer, we have an entire team of medical professionals who can be consulted for any medical ailment.

At Oxizone, we regularly organize blood, eye, skin and dental check-up camps for our members and their families, and take pride in getting our members off of daily medication for hypertension, thyroid, and knee & back pain. Oxizone has a team of experienced and dedicated trainers and instructors who aim to help you fulfil your dreams.

  • I am Garima, working under the guidance of Himmat sir in Oxizone Gym. I am very happy that I lost 5 kg in 30 days. Thanking you for guiding me and putting such great efforts in helping me lose weight. Thank You.

  • My these words reflect my thankful gesture to Himmat sir. This man not only helped me gain muscles. Thanks for being my only idol & helping me with my weights, that too without any hard workout & proteins.
    Thanks again for making me 78 from 90.

  • Thank you for outlining an exercise program just for me. This type of exercising is all new to me. I am finally seeing results. I have lost 4 kg in one month. My body feels great. I feel stronger and more confident than before. Thank you for answering all of my questions. I have learned so much from you. Thanks again for all your enthusiasm, intense energy and for getting me to like exercising I am very grateful to have you as a teacher.

    Maninder Dhaliwal
    weight loss
    Maninder Dhaliwal
  • I joined the gym a month and a half back under Himmat’s guidance. I have lost weight, gained strength & have become a bit more dedicated. He is a very dedicated trainer who is concerned about his clients goals as much as the client him/herself. His diet plan and workout are very efficient. Thank you Himmat. You are a great human too.

    Iram & Inder
    Iram & Inder
  • Its been a while since I have been a part of Oxizone and being trained under the certified trainer Mr. Himmat. He is a great guy and has helped me to get better. Training in the guidance of him actually feels like what professionalism is. He has kept a proper record of my transformation and has been constantly guiding e a diet schedule in accordance with the training schedule. Wish him good luck for the future and may I get more and more body transformations ahead. A happy client.

  • I take the opportunity to thank Himmat sir for relentless work. I have been guided by him and with his guidance, I have lost 9 kg, something which is commendable. I don’t have the words. To thank him enough as his dedication towards his work, his integrity and his patient work with the clients is impeccable. During the last six months, I have not seen him taking leaves. One thing which is most appreciative about him is he is very punctual. Sir, thanks for making all the efforts and guiding me in the right direction. Without your support and guidance, I would not have lost so much weight. I believe you are one of the best trainers. So, sir keep the good work going and help people in positive about them.

    Kulpreet Kaur
    Kulpreet Kaur
  • I just want to say ‘Thanks’ for being such Great Trainer. I never used to exercise before. I joined the GYM, and your classes are the reason why I now do. Thank you for answering all of my questions and demonstrating all of the moves for me. You have such great enthusiasm and lots of energy that wakes me up even when I don’t feel like being there. I have learned so much from you & I look forward to learning more. Thank You for being a remarkable trainer
    & I am very grateful to you as a trainer. “BE WELL, BE FIT, BE HAPPY”.

  • The last two and a half months have been the most productive in my entire life. Because of your guidance and support. I lost about 10 kg in 75 days. Your exercises and diet plans are the best. I could’ve never built that much stamina myself. Moreover, it was always so fun working out with you. Because of you I now believe that any goal is achievable if you have the heart and will to achieve it. I wish you tone of success in your life.

    Ravir Chaudhary
    Ravir Chaudhary
  • Thank you for guidance & support, I’ve lost 8 kg in 40 days, thanks for designing my workout plan according to my need & stamina. Wish you good luck, love to train with you! Keep up the good work.


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About us Oxizone Fitness & Spa offers its members, complete health rather than just weight loss or muscle gain. Our mantra...

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