Bhangra has taken the world by storm, making its way even to the White House! There is something about this high energy, vivacious dance form that grabs the attention of children and adults alike. With origination in the late 1880s in Punjab region of India, it has evolved a lot since then from just being a traditional dance form to an amazing fitness workout. Yes, you have read it right – Bhangra today has become the new fitness trend across the country to burn calories and stay fit! The reason why it is so popular these days because of the amazing fitness benefits that you get while grooving to the Punjabi beats.

Bhangra as a Fitness Workout

Besides making you tap your feet, Bhangra helps significantly to get fit and healthy. As compared to other dance forms, it requires more energy, power, endurance and flexibility that lead to all-around toning of the body, increased adrenaline rush and improved cardiovascular functions. The jumping down and up, sweeping arm movements, etc will surely help you to get rid of the unwanted extra fat in the stomach. You can easily burn 500 calories in just 45 – 60 minutes of doing the Bhangra. When it comes to the upper part of the body, it helps in getting strong, toned arms and shoulders. Further, in the long run, you will notice a better posture.

Mental Health benefits of Bhangra

Along with physical health, Bhangra also improves mental health. It acts as a great stress buster and mood enhancer. According to a study by Simon Fraser University on the impact of Bhangra on South Asian women’s health, the majority of them reported positive mental effects!

Bhangra Dance Classes in Chandigarh

Many dance studios and gyms in India offer Bhangra classes to different age groups and levels. If you are looking for the best Bhangra Dance classes in Chandigarh, look no further than Oxizone Fitness & Spa for an ultimate experience. As the first brand in India to come up with the concept of Dholi workout i.e Bhangra with Dhol, we help members to burn calories and also, get an insight into the Punjab culture.

We run Bhangra classes daily – morning and evening with trained Bhangra Dance Instructor guiding you throughout to help attain maximum health benefits. In each dance session accompanied by upbeat music, you will get the opportunity to learn different Bhangra moves and meet new people. We give utmost importance to hygiene, thus providing you with the best environment to try this fun, unique fitness workout.

So what are you waiting for? Join Oxizone Fitness & Spa in Chandigarh today to dance your way to fitness with Bhangra classes. For more information about our gym and facilities, click here