Gym in Mohali


There are many Health clubs and gym in Mohali and around the city, but you can rarely find a place with such a dedicated and talented team of fitness trainers, Physiotherapists and Personal Trainers providing you with consistently good quality and expert’s advice on health & fitness. With a hygienic and disciplined environment, Oxizone Fitness & Spa is ready to transform your body and mind by reaching your ultimate goal of fitness.

The fitness Manager with a team of fitness trainers is always there to assist you with your workouts on daily basis. They also keep an eye on your current physical conditions and your past health-related history.

Gym in Mohali

BCA- body composition analysis is performed on every member to know regarding your water hydration, fat %, muscle mass which gives an insight of body and gives a preface to workout and diet.

Our Focus

We always advise our attendants to listen to what their trainers tell them as it lowers the risk of injuries and helps them improve their fitness to new levels. Avoiding workouts at the time of injury is better than increasing it by forcing yourself into an exercise and worsening your condition.

The work out Regime

While gym in mohali has a lot to do with weightlifting, it should be done under the supervision of an instructor. A fitness trainer or an instructor helps you and teaches you about the proper and safe techniques of weight lifting and other exercises. We have dedicated supporters as well to support you while lifting weights in order to avoid any injury. On the other hand, hydration is an important thing that should not be ignored during and after the work out as you lose a lot of water & important body salts in the form of sweat and hence it is very important to replenish them.

Drinking water every 15 to 20 minutes during a workout is necessary. However, if you are planning to work out for more than an hour, you may carry some sports energy drink as well. Consume 400 to 500 ml of water at least an hour before exercise. Individuals will vary in terms of how much water drinking they are comfortable with. Leave your mobile phones at home or put them in the locker. You should never talk on the cell while working out as it may prove critical to yourself besides disturbing the other ones.

Our Motto

Oxizone gym was started not only as a source to earn but also with a dream of seeing a fitter society. Increasing awareness among youth in Punjab and Haryana helped us a lot in spreading out our branches to different locations. With our gyms in Chandigarh, Zirakpur, Mohali, Hisar & Karnal, we are pretty confident of helping all those who are looking forward to becoming fitter for their brighter and better tomorrow. FIT INDIA is something we are eyeing and we are sure that together we will achieve it someday.

About Dr. Simer

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is Just EXTRA.

Oxizone has this extra due to its medical Foundation. The Foundation stone was laid by Dr. Simer Kaaur – a Maxillofacial Surgeon, an International Taekwondo player, and 7 times National gold medalist and national medalist in athletics. She has represented India twice at International level in 2nd world Taekwondo Championship in 1999 at Turkey and at Kosu Natu Championship camber sands UK. Henceforth to prepare more sports players in our country and to make everyone fit the foundation of Oxizone fitness was laid in 2009 in Chandigarh.

Oxizone has a team of doctors, physiotherapist, dietician, and naturopath to spread health and fitness in society.

We even have a credit of treating post-surgery cancer patient to improve their movements and make them fit after surgery and other therapies.

We have made many people with blood pressure problem, sugar problem i.e. diabetes, thyroid problem, knee, and backache. People leave their medicines and live a healthy life without any pain and any medicine.

We regularly organize blood and eye test camps in our gyms. We have renowned medical doctors with us to provide u with health and fitness.

We have among us Dr. Deepak Puri a cardiothoracic surgeon who is the director of Max hospital Mohali among us. Sir has been contributing with us on spreading awareness on prevention of heart diseases as he wants you as friends and not patients. We thank Dr. Puri for sparing his valuable time for us. We have Orthopaedicians and Physician also on our team.

We are happy that oxizone fitness and spa branches are fast spreadings. We have presently 6 branches in Chandigarh, Zirakpur, Mohali, Kurukshtra Karnal and now in Hisar.

Oxizone feels happy to announce that it has over 2000 present members in 2016 in whose life we have brought change and happiness by making them fit, lose fat, gain muscles and stay healthy.

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