Fitness has an all new address

Stand outs

Oxizone Fitness & Spa doesn’t follow the orthodox ways of workouts. There is an Indoor Running Track made of a special material which provides cushion to knee which makes this Gym a place that no other Gym is. Oxizone instead there are many other ways of focusing on fitness and flexibility. There are special Zumba Classes that makes the normal routine workout a very interesting thing to do along with Yoga, Aerobics, Dance & AB Classes, which are a part of our fitness routines. There are classes to increase knee & back strength as well along with special physiotherapy for knee & back pain.

Special Areas

There is a separate or let’s say a dedicated functional training area in Oxizone like Crossfit Workout, Battle Rope Workout, Boxing & Ladder Workout. Along with other special features of Oxizone Fitness & Spa there is one more eye catchy practice that we usually follow i.e Callisthenics – it is a type of training provided to achieve full body fitness or a type of weight training in very less time that too remaining injury free as it is done under the supervision of the specialist Fitness Trainers who are there to guide you through.

Fitness is not only about working out with normal and regular ways, but also many other ways like playing different games which provides us both physical and mental fitness at the same time. Keeping this in mind we have in house the special arrangements for Table Tennis, Pool & Foosball Tables available with us.

A Place for all ages

Oxizone has it’s eyes on all the ages and not only youth as the concern over the fitness issues is related to all the age groups. Lots of Kids now a days are facing obesity problems due to their unhealthy and unhygienic habits they have developed in last few years. There can be many reasons including Poor eating habits and lack of fitness activities or it even be hereditary. But there is a solution to these problems as well. We have Karate Training, Dance Classes and special workouts for Obese kids to make sure they grow into a fitter and more confident child. Also the senior citizens are not ignored – After looking at the medical history of those citizens we provide them with special trainings and Yoga classes too.

Connecting with Nature

We keep on organizing open air Gym and Group fitness classes as we take connecting with nature very seriously. These habits not only keeps a person fit, but also makes them feel very fresh and energetic, as this is the magic of Mother Nature that we usually ignore.

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